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Everyone seems to start these things off with "We take your privacy very seriously ..." and then they proceed to tell you that they record everything and sell anything they can. I'm not going to do that.

I don't run any advertisements on this website. I don't use cookies for anything. I don't make any attempt to collect information on the people who visit.

I do keep logs of website accesses. These are the normal logs kept by the Apache server that I use, and they include:

I don't sell this information, but if I have problems or if I think there might have been a break-in, I may show it to people that can help me fix things. Of course, if someone comes knocking with a court order they are going to get pretty much anything they want.

If anything significant changes in this policy, I will put a note on the home page letting you know to check this page again.

I hope this is all Ok. If you are not happy about it, please don't visit the website.


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